Customer Service :

Global Network

In order to better serve our customers, CIL Freight Inc has strategically set-up our network across the globe. Currently, CIL Freight network will cover mainland China, Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung),Hong Kong and other Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka). We have join venture office in Brazil and also strongly in Latin America, South America, Mexico and Europe.

Worldwide Coverage

CIL Freight Inc deals in an exclusive way to worldwide coverage and operations. In business over years, we have assembled a network of skilled, experienced, reliable, agile and competitive partners who are the expansion of CIL Freight Inc. We comprehend the qualities and expert confirmations develop and implement tasks that match up with our client's demands.


We aim to enhance proficiency measures and limit your logistics related environmental effects. Social responsibility is best of brain in our tasks to deliberately do our best in decreasing global warming and taking a lead in working our business with concern for the earth and society. Customer service is our topmost priority and our organizations foundation depends on relationships with our customers.

Logistics Management

CIL Freight Inc provides logistical help to the movement and conveyance from the shipper's activity site or storage area to the consignee. Combined with our air, ocean, road and rail transportation, our conveyance abilities give consistent worldwide logistics solution that are second-to-none.

Container Tracking

Track the location of your cargo shipment by entering CIL Reference, HBL, MBL or Container Number and get an easy access to reach your container.

Creating Strong Trade Lanes